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Lazur/ Marianne Jonsson
Pibe Møllevej 10, Alsønderup
3400 Hillerød, Danmark

Phone: +45 40302093
VAT No: 27740162

Hand painted porcelain and tiles

Lazur is a one woman company specializing in hand painting porcelain and tiles.
Have tiles and porcelain designed according to your exact wishes and ideas. I offer 25 years of experience as a porcelain painter at Royal Scandinavia, where I was mainly involved in painting Flora Danica and other specialist assignments. I've also preformed work for HM Queen Margrethe II, Danish designers Jette Frölich and Finn Næss-Smidt. I can paint virtually anything you'd like on most types of porcelain and tiles. If you have a drawing, a pattern, a picture or a good idea you want to make into something special, I can re-create it in the exact size and colors you would like. Get some inspiration from this page.

Inspiration and prices

As the things I produce are unique, I am not able to offer a catalogue of products. Instead you can browse Products page from the navigation menu and have a look at some of the things I have made and what they were priced at. If you want to know how much it will cost to create exactly what you would like then use this formula or give me a call on 0045 403020993.

Consultancy services

I offer tuition and specialist information in connection with porcelain painting to manufacturers, artists, private individuals and anyone else who may find the use of my special talents. Achieving the best result has not only got to do with professional competence but equally to do with understanding what each individual really want - something which can be hard to determine.